Why should you eat pasta?

There are many reasons why pasta is the best choice:

• Fast preparation
• It can be prepared in combination with many other foods
• It is an integral part of the healthy eating pyramid
• It is a nutritionally valuable food
• It has a low glycemic index
• Easy to digest
• It has a small amount of fat
• It is rich in proteins
• It can be prepared in countless ways: as a stand-alone dish, side dish, salad…

Pasta is a low glycemic index food (GI is below 50). The glycemic index reflects the speed of digestion
and absorption of carbohydrate-rich foods. The GI value is between 0 and 100. According to this, foods
are classified according to how the consumption of a certain food affects the increase in blood sugar
compared to the reference food glucose with GI=100. A higher GI means a greater rise in blood sugar.

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